The Butterfly Wishes Network

Established in 2012 by a few professional photographers all wanting the same thing... 

To give something beautiful to families who really needed it. 

So, The Butterfly Wishes Network was born, a few volunteer photographers across the United Kingdom who gift professional photoshoots to families of children with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses. 

Since launching in 2012 with just a handful of photographers, we have now grown to a network of over 300 volunteers spread across the UK.

Our Mission Is To Find A Professional Photographer For EVERY Family that needs us! 

Meet The Team

Whilst we can not introduce you to all of our volunteers, we can let you meet the team who work behind the scenes to make all the magic happen. 
Over the years the original founders of the charity have moved on to different things, however, we would like to take a moment to thank those amazing women that were the creators of this amazing organization!

Our team now is full of amazing, inspiring women... See for yourself









Living in Scotland and lover of anything sparkly and distracting. She confesses that after 16 years of being with her better half she still has a huge crush on her husband. Whilst she is mainly a Newborn & Baby Photographer (Bella Photography), she has been known to head up to the Highlands for a wedding or two!

Is a single parent to 3 little people & a four legged furball, who all live in Suffolk. She runs 3 businesses, weddings, website & business mentor and loves photographing weddings in the warm weather. (Konjo Photography
& The Website Warrior)

Specialises in newborn, baby & milestone photography and is the face behind her photography business - Wee Ones On White.
She is a busy mum/referee to her 4 amazing boys and wife to her husband who is her biggest supporter in life. 

When she is not staring out of her window at foxes she is a photographer (Fotomaki Photography) and a virtual assistant (WIVA). 

Likes: Coffee, kisses on her forehead and cute animals
Dislikes: Wasps! (Bee's are ok but wasps are yucky)

Likes: Being Busy, Vodka & Cheese

Dislikes: The dark and running out of vodka & cheese 

Likes: Babies, Lazy Days & Chocolate
Dislikes: Beasties of any kinds (especially spiders)
Likes: Board Games, Beer & Cake
Dislikes: Mushrooms, Noise (she has misophonia) & Direct Sunlight.


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Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers around the country that donate their time and skills to the Butterfly Wishes Network. 

Without You We Would Not Be Able To Do IT!

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