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Who We Help

In setting up the network, we have had to establish some guidelines to ensure that we don’t open the flood gates to more families than we can realistically cope with, whilst at the same time ensuring those that we can get connected with a family as quickly as possible. 

By applying to Butterflies, we expect our families to adhere to our Child Protection Rules - that you do not leave your child alone with our Photographer, this protects you and our Photographers, if you breach this agreement you will lose entitlement to your images.

We define the families as being those who have children with a life shortening illness. Life shortening means the child potentially may not grow into an adult.  These types of illnesses include, among others, heart failure, liver failure, HIV/Aids, kidney failure needing dialysis, certain forms of cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and SEVERE cerebral palsy. These are the families we wish to partner with our network of photographers.

There are many illnesses that people live with for a very long time that whilst greatly affecting them, do not necessarily shorten life. We are unable to extend our network to these families as it is beyond our resources to do so. 

If you feel that your family falls into the group that we are able to work with we would very much welcome the opportunity to find out more about you.