Butterfly Wishes Network | Terms and Conditions

Our Commitment

1. Each photographer commits to give their time and expertise for free. 
2. Each photographer will photograph the family and edit the images for free.
3. Following the session the photographer should provide the family with a minimum of 10 digital files in high resolution (images are uploaded to the website and we provide the photographer with the link to send to their family to download the images for free).
4. A photographer may give (for FREE) more images if they choose to. 
5. All photographers agree that there will be NO attempts made at upselling of products and/or services to families.
6. There is to be absolutely no ‘viewing’ sessions. It is our belief that these families shouldn’t have to choose their favourite images; they will treasure all of them. 
7. Families who ask a photographer to provide additional products or services beyond our commitments stated in points 1-3 may incur additional costs. 
8. It is between the photographer and family to agree a price for any additional products or services. 
9. All families will be asked by the Butterfly Wishes Network for their permission to use images and, where given images are to be published through the Butterfly Wishes Facebook Page or Website and the photographer credited. 
10. Some photographers request to blog about their session, whilst we appreciate blogging spreads BWN's reach, we ask that if your family has given permission for us to share images. You only share the images used on the Facebook Page or Website, and should a family request their images to be taken down if circumstances change, both BWN and the photographer are expected to remove these images immediately.
11. Photographers will respect any family’s decision to refuse permission to share their images.
12. All photographers must be professional and must have their own Public Liability Insurance throughout their time acting as a BWN Photographer.13.Child protection is our priority, all families and photographers must agree to never leave a child alone with a photographer. We expect our Photographers to adhere to this policy as much to protect themselves, as to protect the children and the families involved.