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BWN Photographer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

  • The Volunteer as of the date this agreement is signed, will donate their time, services and materials if available to provide a family with a child that has life threatening illness with a shoot free of charge and the minimum of 10 edited digital images. 
  • BWN is provided with confidential family details, if a family agree to share their story, the story is shared on our Facebook and sometimes other social media, the volunteer photographer may share this post, BWN control the post to an extent so that if a family ever wanted their story taken down. It has just come from our page and easily controlled and removable in respect of family wishes. If a family choose not to share. We always thank the photographer from our Facebook page.

Section 1        Scope of Service

The volunteer agrees to provide the Services on behalf of BWN. Volunteer professional photographers may provide their sservice by giving a portrait session to a family of a life threatened child. The portrait session shall include: travelling to the agreed location to provide Services to the Recipient; conducting a private portrait session of Recipient's child and/or family; professionally retouching the session images; uploading the images to the Site via BWN within FOUR weeks of the session date. If a photographer is allocated a shoot - full details and instructions are forwarded to a photographer via our email system.

Section 2        Donation of Time

Everyone donates their time free of charge in our organisation. Families in receipt of our service and BWN are not to be charged for work or travel costs by photographers. At certain times families may ask for more than is required i.e. extended family or shots outside the remit of what we offer, to cover an event or family function, this is not something that BWN offers and the photographer can politely decline by saying it is against our policy.

Section 3        Agreements

The Volunteer agrees that:

            Services shall be performed in a highly professional manner and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

            He or she understands and agrees to fully abide by the BWN Code of Conduct posted on the Site, which may be updated from time to time;

Section 4        Copyright

The copyright is retained by the Photographer at all times. Families are sent their images either via a download link or the photographer may send a disk or usb. BWN can use the images for promotional purposes to raise awareness of what we do on our website/Facebook and any other social media. We can provide the families with the opportunity to purchase prints at 5% over base price from a professional lab. Any profit is used only to further promote the Network and reach families.

Section 5        Termination

This Agreement shall be effective as of the date signed. Each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without cause by giving thirty [30] days’ prior written notice to the other party. BWN shall further have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately at any time by written notice to the Volunteer if BWN deems in its sole discretion that Volunteer has not fully complied with the Code of Conduct or does not otherwise meet BWN's standards of conduct.

The Volunteer agrees upon the termination of this Agreement to immediately: notify BWN in writing of any pending photography sessions which he or she agreed to provide but has not yet performed, so that alternative arrangements can be made; and complete any pending uploads of photographs to the Site, if applicable, in connection with photography sessions for the Recipients which the Volunteer already performed.

Section 6     Indemnity

BWN allows families and photographers to find each other. BWN cannot be held liable for failures of equipment, or loss of photographs.

 Section 7     Limitation of Liability

In no event shall BWN have any liability for any loss or damage.

Section 10     Confidentiality

All information given to BWN is confidential, the Volunteer must not share any information provided by BWN. BWN takes data protection very seriously. Under no circumstances should a Volunteer share family information even if no longer volunteering for our service.

Section 11    Child protection

With photographers being mobile and travelling to meet families our only way to protect children and families is to ask that no volunteer is ever alone at any point with any child that we are photographing. This is just good business practice anyway. It means that no photographer can be accused of anything, it protects both you and the child. If an adult/guardian/nursing staff member ever goes to leave a room, the session must be immediately terminated. Any care home/nursery environment this is standard practice even with a valid CRC.