Butterfly Wishes Network | Photographer FAQ

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Butterfly Wishes Network photographer. We are so grateful for those who will give up their time and services to do something priceless for these families who need us most.

Please visit the Terms and Conditions Page for photographers, have a read through and make sure that you agree to everything before completing your application. Any photographer found to be void of their contract will be removed from the BWN list.

Q. Child Protection.

A. Child Safety is our absolute priority. Photographers must agree never to be on their own with a child. Should a parent try to leave you alone with a child, we require our Photographer to stop the parent from leaving, this is to protect the child and the photographer, breaking this agreement will automatically mean you will be removed as a Butterfly Photographer. Butterflies Photographers are expected to be professional at all times, any inappropriate behaviour will see you removed from the network with immediate effect. Children's safety must be paramount at all times.

Q. What are the expectations that need to be met in order to qualify as a Butterfly Wishes Network photographer?

A. We are looking for a strong body of work in an online portfolio showing 1) Families 2) Children 3) Indoor and Outdoor natural light. While many exceptional photographers have expertise in landscape, wedding and commercial, we are looking for photographers who have extensive experience working specifically with children and their families; a portfolio that exemplifies an engaging relationship and documents the essence of their subjects in a clean and consistent manner. Photographers must have business liability insurance and the ability to prove this through documentation. 

Q. I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take pictures, can I help?

A. We appreciate everyone that wants to help, however, the photographer affiliates for Butterfly Wishes Network are hand-selected, seasoned professionals. We have very specific reasons for this. These sessions are not for learning/amateur photographers. It is important that the photographer shooting the session be experienced enough to focus on the family and child’s needs in what may be a sensitive situation. Also, there is no room for error or reshoots. We hope you understand. If you feel that you have a body of work with photographing families other than your own and would like to show us that you are proficient enough and have the correct insurances in place, we would be happy to hear from you and will process your application as any other. 

Q. How long will it take for me to hear back from the Admin Butterflies with regard to my application status?

A. The Admin Team aim to return the result of your application back to you with 30 days. If you have not heard from us within that time, please email team@butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk to ask if your application was received.

Q. I'm in! What now?

A. Congratulations, you have been selected. You will receive an email with instructions, and you can choose to join our approved group of photographers on Facebook if you wish. Feel free to contact any of the admin team to ask questions. Our only request is that we are all volunteers, and we are learning as we grow. Please feel free to make suggestions. Whilst we have grown slowly, it has been done with an element of learning and fine tuning our procedures to enable us to create a working and functioning, friendly network of photographers. 

Q: My BWN family said I could share the images on my Facebook page, blog or website so do I need permission to do so from BWN?

A: YES!  Do not post any images of your Butterfly Wishes Network and/or details of your Butterfly Wishes Family until the admin team has gone over the Family’s signed privacy release.  BWN reserves the right to publish the photos on their own site. You are permitted to blog about the session with links back to BWN but do not use the images within the blog.

Q. Who owns the copyright to the images?

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are giving Butterflywishes Network full license to use the images to promote our work and the network, any promotion will never be for profit for Butterflies nor,  will images be sold to any third party. The photographer shall retain copyright of their images, the family will receive full right to print and reproduce. 

Q. How do the family obtain the images? Do I have to provide a disk?

The families are given an password-protected online gallery where they can download all high resolution images for themselves, or via Dropbox or WeTransfer. We do not provide disks/usb's except in extenuating circumstances as we are non profit and do not fund raise but you are able to offer them a disk at your own discretion. 

Q: A media outlet/corporation contacted me asking to release a Butterfly Wishes Network image.  Do I need permission from BWN?

A: YES.   Please have them contact the Butterfly Wishes admin team directly at team@butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk

Q: Can I sell prints, canvas to the family from my studio?

A: We ask that you not.  If you wish to donate an item to the family that would be acceptable. The BWN gallery offers prints and products at a highly reduced rate for the families with any profit being returned to BWN for production of leaflets for hospitals and hospices around the country (5% over pro lab base price). The families do not have to use this service and it is entirely optional.

Q. Can I solicit donations or hold fundraisers in Butterfly Wishes Network’s name?

A. We ask that you not use the Butterfly Wishes Network’s name to solicit donations on your own, rather you can support the cause by directing those who would give to our blog. 

Q. I know a family in need. Can I photograph this family for the Butterfly Wishes Network?

A. Unless you are an official BWN affiliate photographer you may not use the Butterfly Wishes Network name and or logo in any way.

Q. Are there any member benefits?

A. As we are not for profit we cannot offer our members anything, however The Guild of Photographers have kindly offered a discount to BWN photographers off their first years full annual membership fee providing you pay the annual fee in one go.