Butterfly Wishes Network | Family Image Permission

The Butterfly Wishes Network hopes to widen its service to more families through telling people who we are. One of the ways we can do this is through sharing your images, if you give us permission we may use your images in some or all of the following ways:


  • In the gallery on our website

  • On our Facebook Page

  • Through Twitter

  • On our blog (which is part of our website)

  • In print (Newsletters, flyers, press coverage)

Our photographers might then also

  • Share the images (via the Butterfly Wishes Network page) on their own Facebook page.

  • Photographers will be asked NOT to blog about the images or use them in their own portfolio. This is because we want to drive all web traffic through to the Butterfly Wishes Network to raise awareness and grow our presence in the UK. We also want to avoid any situations where the photographer may be perceived as using the images for their own personal gain.


We understand that for some families, retaining their privacy is important and we will always respect your wishes. Please tick those that apply:

I/We do give permission for the Butterfly Wishes Network to use our images for the purposes described above TICK BOX


We would love to know more about you in order to tell your story to the followers of Butterfly Wishes Network and we hope that in doing so we will not only gain awareness of the Network itself but also for the many challenging conditions the families we photograph face. If you can answer some or all of these questions on the following page it will be of great help to us. Please leave blank any that you don’t wish to answer.

Please describe your child’s medical condition?









At what age was your child first diagnosed?









What treatment have they undergone?









What is the long term prognosis for your child?








Tell us about your child's character and their likes and dislikes.







Describe a typical day in the life of your child?








Lastly please tell us what it means to you to have photographs of you together as a family