Butterfly Wishes Network | Family FAQ

Q. Child Protection.

 A. We ask that all families are aware that a photographer should not be left alone with a child. Our photographers have strict instructions to protect themselves and the children we photograph. Please do not put our Photographer in an awkward situation by leaving your child unsupervised with them. If you do so, our Photographer will terminate the session.

 Q. Why do I have to complete an application?

A. The information we ask for in your application helps us to understand whether you fall within the criteria of families that we can help and also guides us towards matching you with the right photographer.

Q. Will we have to take our child to a studio to have the pictures taken?
A. No, whilst there may be opportunities to work with a studio-based photographer, we have specifically searched for photographers that are experienced and skilled working on location and in natural light to ensure that those families who need to stay either at home or within their care environment, are able to do so. 

Q. How will my pictures be used? 
A. Each family will be asked whether the Butterfly Wishes Network has permission to use their images on our website, blog or Facebook page. Similarly they will be asked the same question about how the photographer might use them. Should you wish to keep your gallery private then we (and your allocated photographer) will respect that choice. Where we are given permission it is very useful for us to use images to publicise the service that we can offer to others. 

Q. Can I print my own pictures or do I have to get prints from the photographer?
A. You will be given, at no cost, the digital files (a minimum of 10 but sometimes more, depending how the shoot goes) and with them licence to reproduce them as often as you want and however you want. Through your Gallery, you have the option to print the images professionally at a very low cost with any profit returning to BWN to produce leaflets for use in hospitals and hospices around the country.

Q. My child is over the age of 18, is he or she eligible for a photoshoot?

A. We define children as being 18 or under. However we will consider individual cases.

Q. If we let our photographer know we do not mind them sharing our images on their website, blog and/or Facebook page, is that ok?
A. Our Network follows a very important process to ensure all images are processed in accordance with each family’s privacy consent. We ask all photographers not to release images to a family in advance via their own publicly accessed media sites.