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Abi Ellson

Having moved out of London a few years ago, Abi now LOVES living by the sea in Sussex with her 3 young children.

If she is not making or more likely eating cupcakes & biscuits, she can be found walking her naughty dog Bella the Beagle.

Ali Poulton - Surrey, London and Essex

Ali is a wife to an amazing man, mother to two gorgeous girls and a slightly ball-mad Springer Spaniel.

She loves to laugh out loud, read just about anything, get muddy in the garden, grow her own veg, sunbathe, swim, run, drink wine and eat cheese. 

Becky Williams

Becky has a weakness for buttercream cakes, loves her husband and her mad labrador to bits, and loves medieval literature and old things!

Can be found hiking or running around the Durham countryside, or in her kitchen making jam!

Emma Matthias

Mother of one & a military wife. Emma loves to travel (luckily), exploring the great outdoors with her camera in one hand & a flask full of tea in the other.

Loves a large coffee in the morning, Rugby League & Uncle Joes Mintballs.

She has a quick witted & sarcastic sense of humour, a very big heart & an even bigger obsession with Gelish nails!

Hannah Walker Butterfly Wishes Network AdministratorDax Photography-4402

Hannah Walker

A compulsive hair colour changer embracing country life with the husband and little Walkeroos...

can often be found rollerskating the streets, running, cycling and partaking in mini adventures across the fields with her youngest... and eating cheese... possibly accompanied by vodka cocktails, and even better tapas.

Jodie Leigh Drake

Jodie is a perfectionist, music lover, book reading, tea loving, cake eating mum of two and can be found in the kitchen covered in flour and cake sprinkles.


Maxine Hooper-Taylor

Mum of three boys, two teens and a one year old.  Loves laughing, the sun, good food and a glass or two of Pinot. 

Laid back but a bit of a control freak.  Enjoys travelling, but essentially a home body who loves spending time with her family.

Samira Magrabi

Samira is a mum of 1 with her fishing-mad fiance. She is a self-confessed workaholic!

Coffee is her best friend in the morning, a glass of red & chocolate in the evening.

Loves Haribo sweets, Horror Movies & Rare Steak. Secretly loves Karaoke, Go-Karting and the smell of the dentist!


Liz Wood

Liz is mum to three gorgeous children, aged 23, 14 and 8 years, happily married, two crazy ragdoll cats complete her family. No time for much except photography and ferrying children to football and dance clubs.

Avid reader when she has the opportunity and loves a nice bottle of red!