Butterfly Wishes Network | Admin Team

The Butterfly Wishes Network Admin Team

Founded originally by 12 photographers who met through social media and followed the same ideals of creating a Nationwide Network of Professional and Insured Voluntary Photographers. Started on a wing and a prayer, we were astounded at how quickly likeminded photographers were to jump on board. Every person from Admin through to the photographers work totally for free giving up time from their own businesses and families. Now two years in and with over 270 wonderful photographers in the UK and Ireland. The Admin Team, deal with the day to day running of the network, processing family and photographer applications and working with various Hospices across the Country. Butterflies is non profit, the Admin Team are always on hand to answer your questions. And are so proud to be involved in an organisation that only works because of all the amazing photographers that have become involved.


Meet the Butterfly Team:

Samira Magrabi

Samira is a mum of 2 with her fishing-mad fiance. She is a self-confessed workaholic!

Coffee is her best friend in the morning, a glass of red & chocolate in the evening.

Loves Haribo sweets, Horror Movies & Rare Steak. Secretly loves Karaoke, Go-Karting and the smell of the dentist!

Liz Wood

Mum to 3, eats sleeps and breathes photography. Very partial to red wine. And cats!

Jodie Drake


Ashleigh Shea
Carla Pyke