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Thank you for approaching the Butterfly Wishes Network. 

We hope this will be an opportunity for one of our professionals to give their time freely to work with you to create some treasured images for you and your family. It is important to us that we match the right family with the right photographer and that in doing so you understand our commitment to you and what you can expect of us. We ask that our families respect our Child Protection Policy that no child will be left unattended with a photographer, this will protect both your child and our photographer.

All our photographers have been through a registration process where a panel has reviewed their work and checked that they are indeed of a standard we would expect from an experienced professional. At this time we would like to make it clear that we are not currently a charity however this is our long term goal. 

Our Commitment to you

• Each photographer commits to give their time and expertise for free.

• Following the session the photographer should provide the family with a minimum of 10 digital files in high resolution (either on Disc or digital download).

• A photographer may give (for FREE) more images if they chose to however there is to be no attempt at upselling.

• All photographers are professional and already covered by their own insurance for their business.

• If the family request to donate money we ask at the moment they give to a charity of their own choice as yet we do not have the procedures in place to run as a charity.

• Families are welcome to order printed products through the photographer and it will be left to the photographer to agree this with them. However they are under NO obligation to place any orders. 

• All Families will be asked whether they are happy for their images to be shared by the Network or not and we will always respect their wishes.

Thank you for your interest in the Butterfly Wishes Network. Whilst keen to keep things as simple as possible in connecting photographers and families, we do need to ask that all families submit some information which tells us more about them, along with some necessary personal information.

Your Details

Full Name*

Telephone Number*

Street Address*

Address Line 2

City / Town*


Post Code*



Please tell us about your child.

How old is he/she? 

What condition does he/she have with explanation if the condition is rare.

If you are happy for us to share your story can you please indicate this and tell us your child's story.

Why would you like to be connected with one of our photographers?

Our photographers all work in different ways; some mobile and some studio-based. Understanding things like mobility of the client helps us to make the best match, let us know how mobile you are or if you are hospice-bound, etc.

Finally, there may be some instances where we need to verify your application. To ensure that there is no delay in connecting you with a photographer, please provide contact details for a sponsor.

Full name, Contact Number, Occupation.

A sponsor should not be a member of your family. They can be a doctor, nurse, healthcare professional, religious leader or other similar professional.

Do you give permission? No Yes