Jay's Story

July 17, 2013  •  15 Comments

My name is Jay, I am 13 years old.

In December I was diagnosed with Burkitts non hodgkins lymphoma.

I have to undergo intense chemotherapy for 6 months followed by more chemotherapy as an outpatient.

I was a year 8 student who enjoyed skateboarding, riding my scooter and playing my playstation.

At the end of November I started to feel unwell and was taken to my Doctors. I was given Laxatives. 10 days later I was still not well and I returned to my Doctor. I was given stronger Laxatives and was told they need time to get into my system. Not happy with that my family took me to the Hospital, The Doctor felt my tummy and I was given an enema and told to drink plenty of water. My mother asked the doctor if I was ok to go on holiday and we were told YES.....

We traveled to Orlando on 13th December for our Disney Christmas Holiday. We drove straight to Disney Vero Beach for a few days before we returned to Orland, We never got there.....

I was taken poorly on the 16th and was taken to the hospital, a CT scan showed a large mass in my abdomen and I was transferred to West Palm Beach Children's Hospital. There I was admitted and further CT scans were carried out and a MRI scan. This showed a 9.8 x 8 cm Tumour.

Surgery was planned and my life changed for ever..... I had a colostomy fitted and a biopsy was taken. Christmas was then spent not at Disney but at the hospital, On the 27th I was given the results of my biopsy I had CANCER.

30th December was time to leave Florida and return home, I was not able to fly back on the commercial flight with my Father and Sister. My mother and I had to fly on a medical flight with a doctor and Nurse. It was a 18 hour flight Back to the UK flying from West Palm via Toronto, Hudson's Bay, Iceland and into Birmingham where a Ambulance was waiting on the runway and I was taken off the plane straight to Birmingham Children's Hospital. This is where I have been since the 31st of December undergoing intense Chemotherapy.

You can follow Jay's story on Facebook at https://www.fb.com/Team-Jay

Thank you to Maxine Sarah Photography for the beautiful images. https://www.fb.com/Maxine-Sarah-Photography






Karen Buck(non-registered)
God bless you. I am sure that you will fight this - your smile is evidence that you are a brave and lovely young man.
Rachael Lynch(non-registered)
What a brave inspirational person you are Jay. Your story made me cry and smile equally. It's amazing to see you smile through such a hard battle but smiles give us strength so keep it up and kick cancers butt! Wishing you and your family all the best on your journey back to good health xx
Chris Vinni(non-registered)
What a horrible journey you've been on Jay.... You have been such a brave young Man and to cope with more in the past 6months than some people cope either in a life time!! Im not a religious person but I pray/wish all the time for a break in your journey and start you off on a new path to healthy happiness. Beautiful photo's.... must've been a very talented photographer to make your parents look so good!! ;-)
Take Care n keep up the smiles!!
Love Chris, Ant & Katie xxx
Jackie Hotchkiss(non-registered)
Jay your pictures are beautiful. I will never forget when you were diagnosed , myself and everyone in my Office at Virgin Holidays was praying for you. I am truly amazed at the strength and courage of both you and your incredible family. Jay keep strong - much love and respect to you. Please know that you are in our prayers daily.
Becky ewers(non-registered)
Stunning photos!! Your an inspiration "warrior" the strength, courage and love you have shown as a family is amazing. Thinking of you always, love you loads x x x
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